1. – Organising Company –

CALZADOS NUEVO MILENIO SL (hereinafter “CALZADOS VICTORIA”), with NIF B26287037, and registered address at c/Dr. Ildefonso Zubía, 3, Pol. Industrial la Maja – (26008 Arnedo, La Rioja), announces a prize draw to be held under the following terms and conditions.

  1. – Purpose and Mechanics of the Prize Draw –

As a result of the Valentine’s Day 2021 campaign organised by Calzados Victoria, two winners of 2 pairs of shoes will be chosen from among all those purchases of a minimum of 2 pairs received online on our official website from 3 to 14 February. There will be 2 winners and 4 pairs will be given away (2 pairs for each winner).

Participants will have to place an order for a minimum of 2 pairs on the official website of Calzados Victoria.

If the winner of the draw returns one of the models of the original order, it will be invalidated and the draw will be repeated among the other buyers of double orders. Therefore, the pairs chosen by the winner will not be sent until 18 March, after which the return of the purchased orders can no longer be made until 14 February inclusive.

  1. – Duration and Territorial Scope –

The campaign will last ten days, starting from 3 February 2021 from 07:00 hours and lasting until 14 February, 2021 at 23:59.

The scope of the promotion will be all countries where we have online sales: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

  1. – Eligibility to Participate –

All individuals who are over 14 years of age, who reside in any of the countries where we have an official web page (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands), and who order at least 2 pairs of shoes and subscribe to our newsletter, during the indicated time period, are eligible to participate in the promotion. Participants who do not meet all of the aforementioned requirements may not participate in the draw nor, consequently, win the prize. All participants who do not comply with all the requirements established in these Legal Bases will be automatically ruled out and excluded from the draw by CALZADOS VICTORIA, without prior notice and without the right to compensation or damages.

Furthermore, all partners or employees of CALZADOS VICTORIA, or of any other company belonging to the same business group, are expressly excluded from participating in the draw.

  1. – Prize –

The two winners will be chosen randomly from among all participants who have purchased online and meet all the previously specified requirements.

These will win a total of 2 pairs each winner, to choose from the new season and whenever there is stock, giving facilities otherwise to change model, these will be sent in a single shipment by Calzados Victoria to the addresses that both winners provide us.

If, once the draw has started, it is interrupted for a technical reason, or any reason outside the control of CALZADOS VICTORIA, the interrupted draw will be automatically cancelled, together with any actions and results that it has produced, and CALZADOS VICTORIA will start a new draw from the beginning.

The prize winner will be announced on 18 February via the CALZADOS VICTORIA Instagram page @victoriashoes.

CALZADOS VICTORIA will contact the winner by email, and the winner will have seventy two (72) hours from the receipt of said email, sent by CALZADOS VICTORIA, to confirm acceptance of the prize.

The winner must confirm acceptance of the prize by writing to CALZADOS VICTORIA via email to the following address info@calzadosvictoria.com, and must provide details of their exact and complete contact information, as well as an address for the shipment of the shoes. The shoes will not be shipped until 18 March, after checking that the winners have not returned any of the pairs purchased in their double order.

The acceptance of the prize is voluntary, and the winner therefore waives any claim against CALZADOS VICTORIA.

In the event that CALZADOS VICTORIA does not receive the aforementioned confirmation email from the winner within the stipulated time period, CALZADOS VICTORIA will automatically disqualify the winner, without prior notice and without the latter having any right to compensation, and the winner will lose their right to win the prize, which will remain unawarded.

CALZADOS VICTORIA reserves the right to declare the draw void if: (i) the winner cannot be contacted; (ii) the appropriate information/complete documentation and/or email confirming acceptance of the prize is not received from the winner within the stipulated time period; (iii) the winner rejects or renounces the prize; (iv) the winner does not meet the participation requirements established in these Legal Bases, or in any way violates, breaches or contradicts that which is stipulated herein; and/or (v) in the case of a fortuitous event or force majeure.

  1. – Liability Regime –
  • In any case, the participants of the prize draw undertake to comply with the online purchase conditions. CALZADOS VICTORIA will not be held liable, under any circumstances, for any breach of the terms of this prize draw, nor for the violation of the aforementioned conditions of use, by the participants and/or winner.

CALZADOS VICTORIA reserves the right to refuse entry into the draw to any participant who does not meet the requirements described in these rules, or who contravenes the rules or purpose of the draw, as well as to request any supporting documentation to clarify any irregular or suspicious act of fraud.

  • CALZADOS VICTORIA is exempt from any responsibility derived from the information provided by the participant about the data of other users.
  • Users are hereby warned that any comment which contains content considered inappropriate, offensive, abusive, discriminatory, or that could violate the rights of third parties, may be deleted. Furthermore, CALZADOS VICTORIA is not responsible for any content uploaded by third parties in said draw, nor for comments which contain content considered inappropriate, offensive, abusive, discriminatory, or that could violate the rights of third parties.
  • CALZADOS VICTORIA is exempt from any liability arising from any circumstance attributable to third parties, which may affect the progress of the draw and/or delivery of the prizes. CALZADOS VICTORIA will in no case be liable for any damage or loss directly or indirectly resulting from any failure, problem, action or omission by third parties, including but not limited to, cyber-attacks, strikes, fires, floods, natural disasters, etc. Likewise, CALZADOS VICTORIA is not responsible for possible data loss due to email problems and/or Instagram malfunctions.
  • CALZADOS VICTORIA will in no case be liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly by any action, omission or negligence attributable to the participants and/or winner.
  1. – Data Protection –

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (GDPR), the user is informed that the data provided by the winner will be incorporated into an activity log owned by CALZADOS VICTORIA in order to manage the winner’s participation in the draw, with said data being retained for the period of participation in said draw and, subsequently, for the period legally established for the prescription of any legal actions that could be derived from the relationship between CALZADOS VICTORIA and the participants and/or winner, as well as for the period of time legally established by tax legislation, and any other applicable legislation.

The only recipients of said data will be the professionals at CALZADOS VICTORIA. User data will not be transferred to any other company, unless there is a legal obligation to do so, excepting the entities that collaborate with CALZADOS VICTORIA for the provision of services and the correct management of the company.

Likewise, the user is informed that they may exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, portability, opposition, and withdrawal, via request in writing to the data controller at the address indicated above, or via email to: communication@nuevomilenio.com.

  1. – Image Rights –

By participating in the prize draw, participants authorise CALZADOS VICTORIA to reproduce and publicly communicate their first and last name and/or username, if they are the prize winner, on the CALZADOS VICTORIA Instagram page @victoriashoes, with the sole purpose of publicly announcing the identity of the prize winner.

  1. – Intellectual and Industrial Property –

The intellectual and industrial property rights associated or linked to the prize must be respected by the prize winner, and CALZADOS VICTORIA is not responsible for the improper use thereof.

All rights to images and content related to the draw are the property of CALZADOS VICTORIA.

  1. – Acceptance of the Legal Bases –

All participants in the prize draw, by mere participation thereof, accept the legal bases of said promotion, as well as the rules governing their participation, the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and data protection policy. Therefore, any declaration to the effect of not accepting all or part of these bases will involve the participant’s exclusion from the draw and, as a consequence thereof, CALZADOS VICTORIA will be released from compliance with the obligation contracted with said participant.

CALZADOS VICTORIA reserves the right to modify the bases of the present draw, at any time, including the right to cancel said draw before the pre-established deadline, provided there is just cause, and commits to communicate the new bases, conditions of the promotion, or, if necessary, the definitive cancellation, publicly and well in advance.

  1. – Applicable Law –

This promotion will be governed by its own bases. For any dispute concerning the interpretation of said bases, both CALZADOS VICTORIA and the participants of this promotion expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Calahorra, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.